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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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in evaluating the research data and in taking some taxis, one of the things i did was take several taxis to see how people use the system, and i will say that i, too, like the updates in the back seat. it was great. but i think the 5% at this point is steep. i think we should evaluate that. i am not sure what the breaking point is. maybe they should come back to us. i think having 5% at this point is a little steep, considering where we are in the whole industry. i, too, agree that we do not have to be the same as new york or another city.
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san francisco is a pilots city, just like new york. b. other thing i want to say is that looking at the mechanism, whether it be the system that we currently have in the back seat or some of the other devices, i think given the date and time of the day, most systems are safe. customer service is a key point here. that is what we are providing, great customer service. i think we should evaluate how we would get the best customer service. we can come back with that recommendation, as well, but i do support that steady, and in terms of using debit cards and credit cards, it is a way of the future, and i think we should do it. that is important. chairman nolan: thank you.
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director lee? director lee: i would agree that the 5% is too much. chairman nolan: director? director: somebody asked me if i was going to mind not being here. it is often times thankless. one of the things that i have really enjoyed more than anything about this position is being able to see the gratitude that is expressed toward the employees that do such great work. the idea of attacking people do get your point across is i think
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below low. i am an advocate professionally, and i have spent the last 15 years of my life advocating. i have stood at that podium and know what it is like to try to get your point across. i will not tolerate it. i think the level of respect needs to be turned way up here. i am tired of it. just as director hynix said, the rest of it is just air. getting to the point i want to make, i actually have also been in cabs for the past several months, more so with the idea of what the experience is like as a passenger and regular. i personally did not like the monitors at all. i actually found the mute button, and the darn thing actually turned itself back on again. i tried to lower the brightness, and i ended up having to put my coat over it because it was so annoying. personally, i look forward to
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talking to the cab drivers. they are wonderful people. they have often got extraordinary stories to tell. i will find that i learn way more about this city talking to the cab drivers than i would get from a map. that said, i also understand that there is a push or options, and when i went to l.a. recently and got in a cab with a monitor in the back seat, it was a much smaller monitor. i was able to turn the sound off. it did not come back on. the brett wallace -- brightness level was not distracting in that it did not interfere with my conversation with the driver, and it worked out. i appreciate the study done. i think the findings from my perspective were right on. i had used this before. i also really resent it threats of security and safety at all of that stuff. if you go to any of these people
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who are selling art that we were talking to a few weeks ago, they are all using technology. phone. it is silly to think it is a threat, and that is also a turnoff for me. so i think it is important that we have options. this report seems to be pushing us in that direction. i also feel as though the fees are too high, clearly. i think it is awful that they try to do this on the front and when i use my credit card bill, and now they are tacking it on the other end, which is a higher fee, which makes it more expensive trip in the long run for everyone, so i think that ultimately i want to support the recommendations. i thank everyone for your input and for coming down today and for being respectful, and i am looking forward to further input.
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chairman nolan: thank you. >> hopefully, we will come back with something for the taxi drivers to use. we hear you. we can work to make is less interested, and we can proceed with electronic waybills. chairman nolan: what kind of action? >> some time in 2012 we will have enough to come back to you with. after the rfp is done. chairman nolan: do you want to reiterate anything? >> no, i just want to thank you and the others for their wonderful feedback.
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we will go through the comments. chairman nolan: on what to say that i appreciate you are being here. it has been three hours. happy holidays. thank you. next item. secretary boomer: item 17. chairman nolan: we have been asked to have a break. do we have any speakers? secretary boomer: we have quite a few. chairman nolan: we will take a five-minute break.
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chairman nolan: we are at night -- item 17. secretary boomer: there are a lot of people signed up. we will go with items 17, adopting and amendments to make
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8 wheelchair pickups per month, change the expiration date for permits, exempt seismometer vehicle tax in medallions from permit application and a renewal fees, eliminate the provisions authorizing jitney permits, clarify that a holder of a purchase medallion may sell the purchase medallion regardless of age or disability status, provided that a qualified medallion seller will lose his or her eligibility to sell the medallion if he or she declines to execute a sales agreement within 15 days of notice that the sfmta has located a qualified medallion buyer who is prepared to proceed with the sale, and reopen a pilot program to specified medallion holders, an amending article 310 of division ii, to include a
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fine for failure to make the required number of wheelchair pickups per month. [reading names] chairman nolan: good afternoon. >> it is not my intention to embarrass anybody or myself. in 1977, a group of cabdrivers got together and bought yellow cab co-op, or yellow cab, which turned into yellow cab co-op. the next year, things changed. they took away transferability, and then they took it away, then they gave it back, took it back, they would turn the faucet on and shut the fossett off. this is people you are dealing with with families. this is not that easy. if you do not sell your medallion now, you cannot sell it.
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everyone has a different circumstance. in my case, i have kids at home i am trying to take care of. you just cannot turn on and turn it off. you have to have one policy for once and for all. you might as well just line as up and fireless downstairs and gas us hassid you can get all of the profits now. -- and gas us now. it is not right. it is morally not right, and the intent is almost criminal, you know? let us exit this with a middle pride in a little respect. [bell] thank you. chairman nolan: thank you, sir. secretary boomer: [reading names] >> directors, i am here basically to urge you to continue with the present pilot program, which has been so well
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thought out and implemented and which has been so successful since its implementation, with one sole change, and that would be the age at which a medallion holder would be able to sell. this attempt to exempt all pre- k medallion holders, and i must say that i am a post-k medallion holder, so this does not affect me. preventing them from being in the to sell something they had during the pilot program is not something that is inherently unjust, it is against part of the principle of the whole pilot program, which is to make the medallions available to drivers who are completely shut out at present, from given any state in
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our industry. i started driving over 20 years ago, and there was the fact that you would not allow me to purchase and become an actual owner of my own business, and it took me almost 20 years before i was able to finally get a medallion. like i said, that is basically coral. this is 300 medallions that you'd be taking out of the pool of potential purchasers. chairman nolan: thank you. secretary boomer: [reading names] chairman nolan: mr. >> i will try to be brief with an eye to the clock. first of all, item 17 includes a beneficial set of changes to the rule with a type of taxi
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service, and i urge you to adopt those changes. and the other main change in the provision has to do with the medallion sales program. very briefly, because i know you will hear about it, dropping the distinction between pre-k and post-k, it is an arbitrary distinction, and most affects the most senior members of our industry. that is it. thank you. chairman nolan: thank you. secretary boomer: jim gillespie. is mr. sheldon miller here? [reading names] chairman nolan: mr. gillespie? >> jim gillespie with yellow cab.
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one thing i want to mention, this but -- this pilot program has been very successful. it would be initiating something like 1400 people who wanted to purchase and a much smaller number that wanted to sell. it would seem to me that they would want to expand that reservoir and not diminish as -- it. i am a post-k medallion holder. i had my name on the list for 18 years before i got my medallion. i certainly feel that we should continue the pilot program. all of the medallion holders who are disabled or over a certain age. but not differentiate between pre and post k.
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it does not make any sense to me. secretary boomer: is mr. jenson here? [reading names] you are first, and then richard fogel. is mr. fogel here? >> good afternoon, everybody. my name is emil. i have been driving and serve in the community for years and years and years. and i am part -- glad to be a part of yellow cab. we have been having a great time with yellow cab. yellow cab is my home. i love yellow cab. i had been waiting and waiting and waiting, and then i got my dream, you know? they sent me a letter.
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gisele medallions. i was so happy. eventually, i am going to get something. we waited for a free medallion, but i do not think there is a chance to get a free one, but now my ability to purchase a medallion and to be a medallion under, i am going to create jobs in the city. at least you know your or three people at work. so please, give us the opportunity to buy this medallion, to purchase it, to build our american dream. god bless america. thank you very much. secretary boomer: [reading names] chairman nolan: good afternoon. >> objective. -- how to do it.
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how to make its a people can do it. there are people who want to do this to make the industry better. to buy a medallion we currently have in place. i am ready. let's make it possible to transfer medallions from disengaged owners. from those not interested to concerts -- to contribute any more, in order to expedite this process, let's openness for those 16 and above. let's make another step towards a healthy system of medallion ownership, for the taxi service
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of san francisco. secretary boomer: richard fogel, followed by it -- [reading names] i cannot hand them out at this point. >> some of you have seen the letter i sent by email. for those of you have not seen it, it is just 1.5 pages, and i think he will understand it. with the documents i have handed it to roberta, it includes my personal phone numbers, and i invite your questions and comments 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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you have all of my information there, and i'll be happy to talk with anybody about anything. those of you who have seen the letter already, any questions -- questions now, will be happy to speak to them. chairman nolan: thank you very much. >> and finally, i do not have any interest in getting money returned to me for the medallion i bought, but i am asking to get my medallion returned to me. there was a meeting of the minds with the predecessors, and they agreed to sell me a transfer medallion. i agreed to buy it. now i am asking for it to be returned. chairman nolan: thank you. next speaker. secretary boomer: [reading names] chairman nolan: good afternoon. >> good afternoon,


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